Summer Races

Summer Road Race Program Sponsored by the AG Boosters' Club.


Format: A series of developmental foot races for all ages, including entire families, with reasonable entry fees, and ribbons to all finishers. The results are printed in the Grove "Pine Echoes" newsletter. Sometimes the olympic size pool offers swimming to cool off!

The racing season starts with the Racing Festival:

5:30 pm - Children's 3/4 mile race with trophies and refreshments, $2.

6:30 pm - 10 Km Wiener Run - A developmental road race through Bradley Palmer State Park, with refreshments, $6. 

As always, ribbons to all finishers!

Please note that the racing course is 100% paved. Further information including past results and pictures at

The general summer racing schedule is Monday nights at 6pm during July and August. Racers are grouped by age. Racers are to please report to the pool area. 

Cost is $1 per runner for the season. Ribbons are awarded to all finishers! Other prizes are awarded for longer road races.

Age groups:

5 & Under - To the playground and back (200 yards)

8 & Under - To the pump in the center and back (600 yards)

12 & Under - one loop of Mudge Ave. (808 yards)

All ages - Measured one mile about 6:30 PM.

Weather permitting, the pool is open (pool fees apply for non-cottage owners) in July and August from 6:30 to 7:30 pm, after the races.


2.4 m run, 9.7m bike, 2.4 m run - Report to the Grove entrance arch. Entry is ribbons to all finishers . Post entry at start. HELMETS REQUIRED. Breakfast may be available at the Coffee Shop. Further information including past results and pictures at