Information for Residents

Greetings! This is an important page for AG residents on our website. We venture to maintain this page with accurate, updated information for your benefit all through the year. Its contents are a work-in-progress, but we hope that you will come to rely on this information that is detailed and organized here for your convenience for your best possible Asbury Grove experience!

The summer section is open only seasonally: April 15th to approximately November 1st.

Our streets are plowed by Grove staff during winter storms. It is the responsibility of each year-round owner to take care of his/her own walkway and parking area.

Asbury Grove is able to function with few employees because of the cooperative nature of the community. The operating fees, which are proportionally charged to the cottage owners, can be kept at a reduced level only if we all participate in the upkeep of the grounds and community. Sometimes there will be a special type of cleanup or project that will be announced and a call for help will go out;  other times it will be a traditional clean-up day. Memorial Day Saturday is always pool area clean-up day!  Everyone can help by just keeping their own area clean, grass and bushes trimmed, and helping to take care of common areas.

All cottage owners are members of the Cottage Owners Association. We always meet the first Saturday morning in July and the Saturday before Labor Day.

Asbury Grove is a Christ-centered community. We welcome residents who are active in their home church community, and seek to live in and participate in a religious community. We have historical connections to the United Methodist Church. Today we maintain a relationship with the Methodist church and have residents of several Christian faiths.

There are 153 privately-owned cottages within the Asbury Grove grounds, 63 year-round located from the center forward and 90 summer cottages located beyond the center. Periodically a cottage will be offered for sale by the owner. The 'foot print' of the cottage is leased from the Asbury Camp Meeting Corporation. Each prospective cottage owner will complete an application with a letter from their pastor and meet with the Admissions Committee and be approved for a lease before the purchase takes place. The Operations Manager, 978-468-3731, can direct those interested in purchasing a cottage to the proper Grove contacts.

Occasionally an owner will desire to rent his/her cottage for a short or long-term period of time. The person wishing to live in the cottage for longer than 2 weeks will also need to appear before the Admissions Committee.

Purchase applications and Rental applications are available from the Operations Manager at 978-468-3731

About trash, recycling, and compost pick-up (please always check the Hamilton MA DPW for the schedule and most up-to-date info)

There is pick-up by the Town of Hamilton for three separate categories: trash, recycling, and compost.  Residents are allowed one "trash" bag or barrel per household every week ("trash" is separate from recycling waste and compost). Additional trash bags can be purchased in Town for those who have more than 1 bag or barrel of trash. Every week, we utilize compost bins and recycling bins. The Operations Manager can advise you on larger items. “White metal” and electrical items will be accepted at the transfer station behind Hamilton town hall for a small fee (check the Hamilton DPW website).